Matt Zhang


Stay on schedule with the power of peer pressure! watNext is a MERN-based todo list / posting board hybrid where you can check future deadlines and find fellow students to collaborate with. Make an account and leave a comment!

MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js

DoxMyTech is a webapp that helps you analyze your public social media profiles. You'll get cool analytics and potentially sensitive data that you may have posted and forgot about. Input your social media handles, prove who you're who you say you are and sit back!

React, Flask, PostgreSQL
Grammar Hammer (WSMAC)

WSMAC is a revolutionary language teaching tool utilising the principles of classical conditioning to facilitate language acquisition and form useful habits. For humans: we'll NLP your speech and give you physical feedback if you do speak poorly!

Python, Azure, Javascript

A discord bot that helps you out with figuring out what music to play!
Ever been in a call where noone knows want song they want to hear your discord bot play? Or maybe noone is brave enough to bear the responsibilities of choosing for the squad? Just do .s [song title]!

Clean Timer

A Java cube timer that's nice and clean!
Scramble with the randomly generated sequence above the timer, then long press anywhere to start inspection. Below the timer is the most recent 5 solves and your Ao5. Swipe vertically for swipe for your solve history and stats!

The Zen Machine

A discord bot that helps you live, laugh and love.
It's here for you when you need a push in the right direction. With AI-generated motivational posters and guided meditation sessions.
.motivate for a quote or .medidate for an infinite guided meditation session.

Python,, Beautiful Soup

Javascript Minigames

Try your best to beat my Hangman bot.
It won't be easy!


Snake - but the controls are... Different.
Hope you type accurately!


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